Players Coalition is committed to achieving meaningful impact on root issues around social justice and racial equality. Our priority is to ensure grantmaking efforts are focused and impactful in accelerating systemic change and elevating the work of key grassroots organizations providing direct services, rather than becoming too broad and diluted by overextending our reach.


We do not accept unsolicited grant applications or requests for funding. Potential grantees are formally invited to work with the Players Coalition team in preparing grant proposals for review annually by our Player-led Task Force Board.  Our team works continuously to proactively identify potential grant applicants through due diligence procedures and will request proposals from a limited number of pre-qualified organizations whose work is within our three key pillars.


This being stated, Players Coalition is always open to learning more about programs and organizations that may fit within our areas of focus and we welcome a letter of inquiry via our website Contact form. Please carefully review our key pillars and funding priorities and note inquiries will only receive response if Players Coalition is able to further consider your request.

Please know Players Coalition does not intend to become a permanent source of support for programs and does not generally fund:


Fundraising events

Operating or start-up expenses or budget deficits

Feasibility studies


Capital campaigns


Film or video production

Players Coalition Funding Priorities

Players Coalition has clear and specific funding priorities to achieve social and racial equality using Players Coalition influence and support to impact systemic social and civic change in the areas of Police & Community Relations, Criminal Justice Reform and Education & Economic Advancement in low-income communities.

Our current focus is on providing direct support to nonprofit organizations working at the national level, providing evidence-based solutions to achieve: Juvenile Justice and Bail Reform, Police Transparency & Accountability, and Equal Education Opportunities.

Please check back occasionally for updates to our funding priorities as in future years we will be extending our support to select local communities addressing specific social justice and racial equality issues.